Adventures In Mobtown - CD compilation
Kwality Record Company 74202
Released: 1997

track listing:

1. Blank-They Want To Kill You
2. Lee Harvey Keitel Band-Kickstarting
3. Estrojet-Revolutionary Flower
4. Lake Trout-On My Way To Work
5. Sick-Creative Differences
6. The Martians-Popcorn
7. Knievel-Notice
8. Cinnamon Toast-High On Pam
9. Compression-Co-op
10. MEATJACK-Hollow
11. Stress Magnets-Another Tension Head
12. Dynaflux-Leaving Neptune
13. Jimmie's Chicken Shack-Return To Sender
14. Spitshine-I Can't Focus
15. Space 11-She Loves Me
16. Seade-Sometimes Bad Things Happen To Good People
17. The Hassassins-The Place To Be
18. Gerty-Trigger Figure
19. Frum The Hills-Hog Farmer
20. All Mighty Senators-Race Car
personnel on MEATJACK track:

Brian Daniloski-guitar, vocals
Jason Daniloski-guitar
Mike Hill-drums & percussion
Eric Principio-bass
Jim Harlow- projectionist