Manifest(o)- CD compilation
Infernal Racket Records IRR 5-2
Released: summer 1999

track listing:

1. Rabies Caste-Rhino & Croc
2. Isis-Hive Destruction
3. Superhighway Carfire-Grace
4. Wally-Oedipus Rox/Ghetto Chicken
5. Time In Malta-Moment Of Clarity
6. Cave In-Moral Eclipse

7. MEATJACK-You Fuck
8. Dropnickel-Commitment
9. Stillwater-Spirit
10. Cavity-Goin' Ann Arbor
11. Scrid-Bruised (What A Difference A Day Makes)
12. Bobbykork-Placebo
13. Calm-Used To Feel Warmth
14. Burn It Down-Snakes In The Garden
15. Turmoil-Killing Today For A Better Tomorrow
personnel on MEATJACK track:

Brian Daniloski-guitar, vocals
Jason Daniloski-bass, vocals
Mike Hill-drums & percussion
Jim Harlow- projectionist